Best Fall Wines to Drink This Season

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It’s officially fall now. Days are growing shorter, nights are cooling down, trees are beginning to don their colorful fall attire, you’re getting your fall clothes out, the holidays are fast approaching, fall foods are coming online, and . . . it’s time to break out the fall wines.

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5 Reasons Why Fall Is the Best Season

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There are doubters – you’ll always have them – but fall really is the best season because it’s an in-between season. Fall is between summer’s scorching heat and winter’s biting cold. You don’t have to put up with spring’s rain and wind either. If you’re still one of those doubters, here are 5 reasons why fall is the best season.

Best Road Trip Genres/Playlists

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The Great American Road Trip – miles and miles of beckoning highway stretching out before you, no worries or responsibilities eating away at your enjoyment, and a blank vacation canvas ready to be painted with your new experiences. But wait, you can’t head out without your road trip music! Otherwise the whole thing would be incomplete and your enjoyment diminished.

Best Gas Mileage Cars of 2018

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The oil industry is picking up. Drilling is exploding, especially in West Texas, and, as result, gas prices are climbing higher again. And they’re only going to go up from here for quite some time. For a lot of us, then, fuel efficiency is a major concern. The problem is, though, that the really fuel efficient cars we’re familiar with look like a shoebox on wheels or a large version of a child’s toy. But that’s beginning to change. So let’s take a look at the best gas mileage cars of 2018.

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How to Save Money on a Road Trip

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Road trips can be loads of fun and a great way to escape the responsibilities and worries of everyday life for a few hours, days, or even weeks. Road trips can also put a big dent in your wallet and bank account if you’re not careful. Sure, you can save money on gas and food if you just look around a little. But there are more ways than that (and a couple you wouldn’t expect) to save money on a road trip and have an affordable great escape.

Why Gas Powered Cars Aren’t Going Anywhere

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We love our cars, don’t we? They give a sense of freedom and the thrill of controlling all that horse power. It’s the cowboy spirit that still lingers in all of us – the liberation that comes with knowing we can hop into the car and take off for wherever whenever we want. But you just don’t get that sense with electric cars. Not to worry, though. Gas powered cars aren’t going anywhere, and here’s why.