Icy Road Driving

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Driving on an icy road is never a good idea. If you can avoid it, do!If for some reason you absolutely have to drive on an icy road, follow these steps in order to make sure you’re being as safe as possible!

National Blood Donor Awareness Month

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January is National Blood Donor Awareness Month and it’s something we need to celebrate! Every two seconds, someone in the U.S. is in need of blood, and less than 5% of the eligible population will actually donate blood.

New Year, New Driving Habits

With the New Year, comes a fresh start. Take the pledge to be a safer driver this year by following our tips below! What are some of your safe driving tips?

Indoor Fun

Indoor Fun This Holiday Season
The temperature is dropping significantly as we are quickly approaching the holidays! Who says you have to have cabin fever? We have a few ideas that will have you jumping for joy – inside!

Winter Driving Tips

In September we gave you some cold weather car maintenance tips, so we thought now that it’s finally getting cold, we would give you some cold weather driving tips! Here are some great tips for driving in snow, ice, or extremely cold conditions.

Turkey Cooking 101

Everyone has their way of preparing Thanksgiving dinner, but when it comes to the turkey, we could all use some helpful tips! Whether you’re baking or frying your turkey, we’re here to help!

Road Trip Tips

Is your family going on a road trip this holiday season? Well we’ve got some great tips to keep the kids from asking “Are we there yet?” for the 100th time, and to keep you alert while driving!

STARs – Sales Team Associate Rewards

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