5 Musts for a Canine Copilot

Just like any loyal friend, your dog is always excited at the opportunity to hop in the car and leave town with you. Yep, he’ll pretty much follow you anywhere with his tail wagging. But are you prepared to have a four-legged passenger along for the ride? Follow these five steps to ensure a smooth trip.

Pack the Pup: Pet-Friendly Destinations

The worst part of any trip is having to leave your four-legged friend behind. Between the money and the hassle of finding someone to take loving care of your fur-baby while you’re out of town is the last thing you should be worrying about before hitting the open road. This summer, save yourself the trouble and take your pup along for the ride to these dog-friendly destinations!

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Life on the Road: Gas Station Snacks

On the road again! It’s no secret that long road trips can be a pain. Especially when you become hungry during a long strip without any restaurants, fast food chains or truck stops. The next time that hunger strikes and you think that you have to settle for a quick power bar from a Speedway or 7-Eleven think again.

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Road Trips: Packing the Essentials

It’s no secret that packing can be an overwhelming task! Maybe that’s why so many of us wait until the last possible minute to start packing only to end up throwing our whole life in a bag.

Springtime Car Maintenance

It’s no secret that winter is hard on a car, especially if you live in a climate that sees snow. Between the potholes and the salt, it’s no wonder that your vehicle is ready for a little TLC come springtime.

Spring Road Trips Worth Taking

America the beautiful is right! Our country is so beautiful and so unique. Just think about all of the different landscapes and terrains we have within our borders. That’s why we’re encouraging you to get out and explore this spring!

Spring Break Destinations Worth Driving To

You only have a couple of weeks when spring break hits. Do you really want to go shoulder to shoulder with thousands of people on a crowded beach?

This a time for adventure, relaxation, and new experiences. Avoid the hustle and bustle and consider taking a road trip to one of these destinations instead.