Customer Loyalty Sweeps

ALON_CustomerLoyalty_Contest_901x601At ALON, our customers mean the world to us. Tell us what your favorite thing about ALON is for a chance to win!

Fun Activities On Rainy Days

The springtime can bring flowers, sunshine, spring break, and also lots of rain. There is no use in being bored inside on a rainy day, so we have a few rainy day activities to keep you entertained all day long!

Spring Break Driving

Do you have a teen or 20-something that will be taking a road trip this spring break? Teenage drivers are the most common to get in car accidents than any other age group. Teaching your children safe driving is very important, but even more so when they are going on long journeys with friends.

Forgetful Spring Cleaning

It’s almost officially spring which means that it’s time for spring-cleaning! While everyone usually does their deep cleaning in the spring, there are a few things that most people forget to clean. Below we’ve got a list and some helpful cleaning tips to make sure your house sparkles this year!

Donate Without Spending Money

Do you want to donate but you aren’t in a place financially to give? There are tons of ways that you can help those in need without a monetary donation. Below we have some ideas of ways you can contribute, but please feel free to share other ways you help those around you!

What We Love!


February is the month of love so we thought we would share a few things that we love with you!

Valentine’s Day Marble Cake


Valentine’s Day is almost finally here – A day to celebrate all of the things you love in your life!

2017 Racing Kickoff Sweeps


Help us kick off a new racing season! Tell us who you are cheering on this year for a chance to win!