February is the month of love so we thought we would share a few things that we love with you!

  1. Quiet Drives
    If you have children, you know how loud a car ride can be. It is so nice to have the car to yourself and enjoy the peace a quiet for a moment.
  2. Hitting all green lights
    You know it’s going to be a great day when you hit all of the green lights on a street!
  3. The Perfect Playlist
    Finding or creating the perfect playlist is pure bliss!
  4. When you forget your car clock is faster than the actual time
    Nothing is better than thinking you’re late but finding out you’re actually on time or even early!
  5. No traffic
    This might be our favorite one! No traffic when you’re expecting to have your car in park on the highway is such a great surprise! We would love for this to happen every single day!

What are some things that you love?