If you’re not traveling this holiday season for one reason or another, you’re in the minority. Brace yourself now for terrible drivers, long security lines, and most likely a lost bag or package. But even with all that going on, we’ve got the tips below to get you to your family and friends, or away from them, with as little grief as possible.

Do your research – You should have an idea of the forecasted weather patterns and possible alternative routes you might need to take to get to your location. Its also never a bad idea to find hotels or things to do along the way to help break up long drives. If you’re flying, know the restrictions or your airline ahead of time and which terminals to navigate to.

Pack light – One of the easiest ways to cut your travel time down when flying is by avoiding having to check a bag. This allows you to check-in online and go straight to security. No waiting to drop the bags or waiting at a crowded conveyor belt to pick them back up. If you do have to check a bag, keep all medications and valuables in your carry-on just in case a bag goes missing.

Ship gifts or give give cards –  Along with packing light, decrease the chance that you forget someone’s gift, or worst, it gets lost and ship them in advance or pack gift cards in your purse.

Find off-peak travel times – Being the holiday season, every flight time will be busier than usual. However, people do still try to avoid both the first and last flights of the day. If you want to cut down the crowds then these are the flights to look for. Traveling on the day of the holiday itself will also help to decrease your fellow travelers.

Have entertainment – Maybe it’s a downloaded series on Netflix, a favorite podcast, or a new book, whatever your method of choice is for passing time, have it with you. Flights get delayed and traffic jams all the time. Keep your spirits light and have something fun in your sight.

Accept and breathe – When travel hiccups happen, accept the situation for what it is and keep breathing. Traveling and holidays can both cause enough stress alone, but when combined, they have the power to ruin the season for some. Try not to be those people. Accept that people are working as hard as they can on the holidays to help get you to your celebrations. No one wants to be stuck in the airports or on the roads but life happens. Keep breathing and eventually you will get to your destination.