Yes, your car gets you from Point A to Point B. But it does so much more than that! It underscores your sense of style, it serves as a party on wheels (and sometimes as a makeshift hotel room or mobile storage unit.)

It hauls groceries, kids, pets, friends, and plenty of odds and ends. Its cabin is like your mobile living room. In it you enjoy cool air on a hot day (and vice versa). You listen to music and podcasts, charge your phone, and literally gain a new perspective on your surroundings. Your car may or may not be technologically cutting edge. Either way, you can equip it with cutting edge technology to make it even more functional and enjoyable! Here are three tech gadgets to consider to elevate your motoring experience.

Dash Cam

Cops have them because, let’s face it, people lie, cheat, and steal. Don’t let those types have the upper hand over you! In the event of an accident (or vandalism or road rage), it’s usually your word against another driver’s word; unless, that is, you have a dash cam that has recorded the encounter in question. Nextbase’s 612-gW dash cam records, allows you to transfer footage to your PC, tracks GPS and speed, and is your star witness in case you need proof for the police or your insurance company.

Backseat Car Organizer

If a summer road trip with kids is on the schedule, don’t head out until you’ve installed Chill Tots Back Seat Car Organizers for your wee ones. Five storage pockets hold snacks and drinks, and a center compartment holds the all-important tablet. Load up the organizer with crayons, paper, candy, crackers, and whatever works to keep your wee ones occupied and not so intensely focused on whether or not they’re there yet.

Key Locator

Have you ever stopped at the gas station to fuel up and multitask by purging all of the trash from your vehicle at the same time? While doing so, have you ever become distracted by your bickering kids, barking dogs, or even that cute guy or gal pumping gas adjacent to you? Have you ever accidentally tossed your keys in the trash with the trash as a result of your preoccupation? We have. Have you ever loaded your car with groceries, slid into the driver’s seat, and realized your keys are nowhere to be found. Yep, we’ve done that too. That’s why we’re stoked about a gadget called Tile Mate. It’s a battery operated GPS locator that attaches to your key ring. When you can’t find your keys, simply check the app on your phone to pinpoint their location. Crises averted!