Now that March Madness has subsided, football fanatics are counting down to what, arguably, is the event most likely to shape the coming National Football League (NFL) seasons: The 2018 Draft, of course! April 26-28, 2018 will mark the 83rd time that NFL franchises will meet to select newly eligible players.

This year’s much anticipated draft will be held at Jerry World (aka AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.) Free agency promises to make this year’s draft very, very interesting!

Top of the Tier? Watch for the QBs … and The Browns.

This year, fewer than 10 prospects possess the top projections and, as such, seem primed to snap up top-10 status. Beyond that, around 20 more QBs could definitely justify round-one status. Not surprisingly, Cleveland Browns General Manager John Dorsey is widely believed to be eyeing a quarterback (namely, Josh Allen of Wyoming or Sam Darnold of USC.) This is one draft-day question that will be answered very early on! The Browns also own the No. 4 pick and has options galore (at both spots.) Will there be a trade? Perhaps!

Keep an Eye on Roquan and Tremaine.

Georgia’s Roquan Smith and Virginia Tech’s Tremaine Edmunds are not QBs, but linebackers eliciting plenty of buzz. Look for them to be snapped up quickly – specifically in the top-10 picks. We’ve yet to identify anyone with any legit credibility who has anything negative to say about these solid players!

And What about The Hometown Boys in Blue?

The Dallas Cowboys, unquestionably, could benefit by snapping up a safety and a wide receiver. Having just, shockingly, released Dez, the obvious choice would be for Jones to target a solid wide receiver with his first-round (Number 19) selection. That’s certainly a possibility for top pick. But, Jones has been known to throw the occasional curveball. The team also desperately needs a safety. In the highly unlikely scenario that Minkah Fitzpatrick of Alabama, Derwin James of Florida State, or are still available at Number 19, they would be obvious choices. If not, Iowa cornerback Josh Jackson could be a sleeper safety to tie up the back end of the Cowboys defense.

Time will only tell what the draft holds. There are always surprises, upsets, and come-from-nowhere success stories. We will be watching and so should you!