When the weather outside is frightful (frightfully frigid) and you slide in behind the wheel of your car, you’re probably anxious to get in and get going ASAP. Before you can do that, though, you’ve got to defrost your car’s windows.

If you don’t know how to defrost them the right way, clearing them off can easily take 10 minutes or longer — and make for a cranky start to your day. If you do know the secret to effective defrosting, you can cut that time in half!

Thank Science!

Instead of trial and error and guesswork, here’s how to defrost in a flash!

1: Turn your car on and crank the heater up as high it will go. Why? Heat absorbs moisture.

2: While the heat is cranked up, turn on the air-conditioning system but turn off the inside air-circulation to allow cold outside air to enter your car.

3: If you’re able to crack your side windows, do so to allow additional cold, dry air inside.

Another fast-acting frost-buster? Alcohol! Fill a spray bottle with a solution of rubbing alcohol and water, spritz the exterior of your windows, and voila. Keep these tips in mind on your next chilly day and say goodbye to the dreaded window scraper for good!