ALON Brands Platform Services
Subscriber Cancellation and Change Channel Instructions

Effective August 22, 2016

These ALON Brands Platform Services Subscriber Cancellation and Change Channel Instructions (“Instructions”) provide information on how a Subscriber may cancel (also called “unsubscribe” or “optout”) any message sent by a Client using ALON Brands SMS Platform Service.. These Instructions are incorporated by reference into ALON Brands Terms of Use Agreement and are part of a Subscriber’s terms and conditions for use of any Platform Services. Any capitalized terms used in these Instructions have the same meaning as used in the ALON Brands TOU.

IMPORTANT: By cancellation of any Platform Service, you understand, acknowledge and agree that you have provided your prior express consent to receive an automated message sent via text, prerecorded voice, or email that confirms your cancellation in accordance with Applicable U.S. Laws. Please follow the instructions below, as any other means used to contact your Administrator or Pocketstop does not provide the ability to verify your identity and contact information, and identify what specific Platform Service or Client campaign communication you received. The methods detailed below are built and integrated into our platforms and operational systems, so that your cancellation request can be accurately and quickly implemented.

(i) Subscriber’s Cancellation Process. To unsubscribe from ongoing text message campaigns, send a reply message with the word “STOP,” “END,” “QUIT,” “CANCEL” or “UNSUBSCRIBE” to the designated short code from your mobile phone when you receive a text message from the Client. You will be then unsubscribed from the Client’s campaign. Alternatively, you can contact your Administrator or send an email to with your mobile phone number as the subject line. Except for a confirmation of your cancellation request that will be sent via ATDS, you should not receive any additional text messages unless you re-register on ALON Brands website or via your mobile phone when you respond to a different call-to-action. For help or other support issues, you can also text “HELP” to the designated short code, send an email to, call 800-969-3462 (toll free) or call another designated toll free number.

If you have any questions or comments, or wish to report and abuse of the Platform Services, please contact