With the New Year, comes a fresh start. Take the pledge to be a safer driver this year by following our tips below! What are some of your safe driving tips?

  1. Always use your blinker! Put on your blinker 100-200ft before your turn.
  2. Observe and obey the speed limit. The speed limit is there for a reason; it is not a suggestion.
  3. Observe and obey street signs such as slow down, stop, bump, etc.
  4. Always wear your seatbelt. It doesn’t matter how far you are going, you should always be wearing your seatbelt and making sure everyone in your car is as well.
  5. Do not use your phone while driving. Texting and talking can wait!
  6. Be aware of other drivers. Just because you are driving doesn’t mean that other people around you are. When coming to a stop sign or starting at a green light, make sure you look at your surroundings to see if someone is coming.
  7. Be aware of your fuel level and fill up when necessary.
  8. When an emergency vehicle is approaching, slow down and pull to the right shoulder.
  9. Adjust mirrors and seats before you start diving if necessary.
  10. Keep a safe distance between your car and the car in front of you. You never know when a driver could apply their brakes too quickly.