If you live in California or are planning a road trip to the Golden State in the foreseeable future, expect to pay more to fill up your gas tank.

Significantly more. In April, the state legislature approved a new gas tax to fund sorely needed infrastructure improvements. That tax went into effect on Wednesday, November 1. Motorists are now paying 12 cents per gallon more to fill up their tanks. If you drive a diesel vehicle, the news is even worse: diesel now costs 22 cents more per gallon.

While an increase of less than a quarter per gallon may not seem huge on the surface, it adds up to about $10 more per month for the average driver … $120 per year. According to the website Gas Buddy, the lowest reported gas price in the entire state of California as of mid-day, Thursday November 2, was at a station in the city of Empire — $2.48 per gallon for regular and $2.84 per gallon for diesel.

The first week of November, motorists in the great lakes states of Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio are also paying more at the pump and could reach their highest level since 2015. GasBuddy estimates prices in Illinois could top $3 per gallon by year’s end. The reason for increasing pain at the pump in the Midwest has nothing to do with a gas tax. Analysts believe lingering affects of hurricane-related refinery shutdowns and a leak in the Explorer gas pipeline are contributing to the rises.

If you live in the deep south (particularly Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama), you’re enjoying the country’s lowest gas prices this first week of November. That’s definitely something to be tankful for as you begin the countdown to Tanksgiving! Regardless of where you live, when you see an ALON station, you can trust it to have competitive, fair gas prices and a clean and well-stocked interior staffed with courteous clerks. Why? Because we love our customers!