roadtripSpring Break 2017 may be behind you, but summer road trip season is fast approaching; so is summer swimsuit, shorts, and sundress season. As the mercury begins to rise, you may be motivated to shed a few pounds for your upcoming less-is-more wardrobe. You can eat healthy on the road – whether you’re heading out of town for the weekend or rushing across town to run errands.

Bonus: You can grab some of these healthful, satisfying snacks while you’re fueling up at your local ALON! You’ll need to practice willpower, of course, as you’ll need to bypass temptations like candy, cookies, and hotdogs. But you can do it! Instead of the aforementioned, reach for:

  • Single-serving packages of nuts
  • A banana
  • A cup of yogurt
  • A granola bar
  • Pretzels (a healthier alternative to chips)

If you’ve got time to prepare in advance, keep a soft-sided mini cooler on-hand and pack it with healthy snacks on days you know you’ll be on the road. Baby carrots and hummus, cheese sticks, frozen grapes, and hardboiled eggs are healthy snacks that are easy to eat while you’re driving.