Are you ready for some football? Are you ready to make money on some football? Armchair quarterbacking is more fun when you’re in a fantasy football league.

When you’ve actually got skin in the game, watching the game is just more exciting! Whether you’ve been in the same fantasy football league with the same group of guys for decades, or you’re a newbie just hoping to avoid humiliating yourself by taking home your FFL league’s loser trophy, the following tips will help you rise to the top of your league standings.

Trust Your Gut

If you’re reasonably informed about the sport and its players (which you should be if you’re in a FFL in the first place), your instincts will usually be spot on. Do your research. Pick your roster. Then, for the most part, stick with your roster. Don’t panic based on early showings and make a bunch of changes you’ll later regret. Trust your instincts and trust your team!

Track Injuries

If your favorite player is questionable due to a knee injury sustained in a prior game, check out apps that will help you determine how injuries will impact performance. Inside Injuries, for example, uses data analysis, expert medical advice, and statistical models to help you decide whether to play or bench an injured player.

Sweat the Small Stuff

Every league’s rules and point systems are different. As commissioners come and go, your league’s scoring rules may change. Don’t become jaded and overconfident and assume you’ve been doing it so long you don’t need to read the fine print. Do you know how many points your league awards for a passing touchdown? What about receiving yards? What about a 45-yard field goal? Make yourself a cheat sheet so you’re aware of exactly where you stand at all times. That way, if you’ve got to tweak your lineup, you can.

Fantasy Football is about Fun.

This is fantasy football, not your career. At the end of the day, why did you join a fantasy football league in the first place? You probably joined to have fun and enjoy camaraderie with like-minded folks. Someone’s always going to end up at the top and someone’s always going to be last. There will be days your ego will be battered and bruised. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and don’t stress. Enjoy, learn from your mistakes, and look forward to the next game.