Do you want to donate but you aren’t in a place financially to give? There are tons of ways that you can help those in need without a monetary donation. Below we have some ideas of ways you can contribute, but please feel free to share other ways you help those around you!

  1. Donate clothes
    Donating clothes to various non-profit charities is a great way to help those in need! These charities will take the sale of these clothes and use it to help less fortunate people.
  2. Donate Hair
    There are a few charities that take hair donations, typically for people with cancer that have lost hair due to chemotherapy. There are a few guidelines that you must follow if you want to donate your hair, but it’s a great idea to help out!
  3. Donate Blood
    January was National Blood Donor Awareness Month and we think donating blood, if you are able, is a great way to give back! One donation can save up to three lives!
  4. Donate Time
    Volunteering is a great way to give back. If you can’t donate funds, donate your time to a charity that is close to your heart. There are usually groups that can sign up to volunteer, so volunteering solo can bring you a lot of happiness and possibly some new friends!
  5. Donate Old Electronics
    By donating your old electronics, they can be recycled for parts or refurbished in order for someone else to you them. Donating electronics is a great way to help those in need but make sure you clear your hard drive and donate all of the corresponding materials (chargers, cables, etc.) so that the donation can hopefully be refurbished!