Now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday have passed and December is upon us, holiday shopping season is officially underway.

One thing that’s at the top of many shoppers’ wish lists is American-made goods. Despite the fact that the movement to buy made-in-the-USA goods continues to gain momentum, finding them often takes a concerted effort.

If you love to buy U.S. goods, you’ll be glad to know that odds are good that you’re doing exactly that each time you fill your tank at your local ALON! According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), which tracks data on all things energy-related, the United States is continuing a trend toward exporting more gasoline than it imports. Despite record-high U.S. gasoline consumption and back-to-back-to-back devastating storms earlier this year, The we’re on pace to export more gasoline than we import for the second straight year row. Why? Changes in regional markets, increased demand for exports, and high refinery runs have created a perfect storm that continues to mean the United States is a net gasoline exporter.

Typically, the United States has been a net importer of gasoline during the spring and summer months, when domestic consumption increases, and a net exporter in winter months, when domestic demand is lower. However, in every month between April and August 2017, the United States recorded either record-low net imports or record-high net exports. The trend of almost year-round net gasoline exports is a huge change for U.S. gasoline markets – and one that “buy American!” devotees can celebrate. Cheers!