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It’s officially fall now. Days are growing shorter, nights are cooling down, trees are beginning to don their colorful fall attire, you’re getting your fall clothes out, the holidays are fast approaching, fall foods are coming online, and . . . it’s time to break out the fall wines.

With fall here and winter not far behind, it’s time to transition from summer whites to winter reds (mostly, but not entirely). Since fall presents so many great opportunities to celebrate with the right bottle of wine, we present these picks for the best fall wines to drink this season. And they don’t have to break the bank, either.

Banfi “Centine,” 2012 – $12.00

This Sangiovese-based red blend is a good value that offers “herbaceous notes” redolent of dried tobacco and cedar, along with fruity undertones of spiced plum and sour cherry. In addition, Centine is a very versatile food wine. It is robust enough to stand up to rich, hearty dishes, as well as working well to complement subtle dishes. It works alongside winter squash and pasta and flavorings like pine nuts and sage.

Chateau de Landiras “Bordeaux Blend,” 2010 – $19.00

This is a blend of Merlot and Cavernet Sauvignon that allows you to explore two Bordeaux red wines in one go and is complex while remaining approachable. The dominant notes are blackberry and mushroom while having a lengthy finish. This is a fall wine that can easily be paired with any savory dish; for example, roast lamb chops and mushrooms.

Estancia “Pinot Gris'” 2013 – $10.00

Now here’s an affordable wine than can be served alone or alongside those remaining summer’s-end vegetables. It tends toward un-oaked, crisp, and dry flavor while possessing notes of green apple, grapefruit, and lime. Though acidic, this is a good food-friendly fall white that can be matched with such dishes as potato and yellow squash gratin.

Mulderbosch “Rose'” 2017 – $7.95

With Thanksgiving on the way – a holiday considered by many your last chance to appropriately drink rose till spring – this wine is an excellent choice and a great bargain too. Just make sure your Thanksgiving rose, as with this wine, is no more than one year old. Rose can’t age and so should be consumed within one year after bottling. Also, look for roses from the southern hemisphere because these, in most cases, will be younger than those from the northern hemisphere.

La Forge Estate “Viognier,” 2015 – $13.99

This may be a white, but it’s a great fall choice because it is fuller than the typical white wine. Made from a grape originating in southern France, this wine is a good choice for Chardonnay fans who want to go beyond the familiar. It has a pleasing honeysuckle quality while carrying flavors of peach and vanilla-like spices. Because it isn’t too light, this is a white wine that really should be on the Thanksgiving table.

So break out those sweaters, leaf rakes, pumpkins, turkey, and ham. And then do up the season right with these fall wines for comfort, conviviality, and just sheer good taste. Get in your fun and fellowship now because winter isn’t far away.

(Image source: Pixabay)