Convenience, Plain & Simple.

ALON’s new AVii technology is a sophisticated fleet fueling management system that virtually eliminates fuel shrinkage due to error, fraud or theft, and provides in-depth reporting on your fleet’s fueling activity. This gives you more control over your fleet fueling program and will save your company time and money.

How AVii Works

    1. When you subscribe to the program, we’ll install a tamper-resistant Ring device on the fuel tank inlet of each vehicle in your fleet, along with an optional odometer reading device that tracks vehicle mileage. These devices communicate with specially designed ALON dispenser nozzles, found at participating ALON locations.
    2. The moment the dispenser nozzle engages with the fuel tank Ring, your fleet account information is securely sent to the point-of-sale system at the store, enabling fueling to begin. No ring? No fuel is dispensed. It’s that simple.
    3. This information goes through our network for authorization. If account limits are in place, the dispenser will be disengaged when they’re reached. Any attempt to dispense fuel into anything other than the authorized vehicle(s) is denied.
    4. Any attempt to remove the nozzle during the fill-up will pause the dispenser and fueling will resume when the nozzle is inserted back to the tank.
    5. When your driver fills up the vehicle or reaches his pre-set limit, and returns the nozzle to the dispenser the system will automatically close the sale and record the data.

Ensuring 100% of the fuel you pay for goes into your vehicles.

What You Get

Control: Better insight on your fleet’s activity; ensure that no fuel is unaccounted for.

Convenience: Our detailed reporting shows you all the information you want to see, including vehicle ID’s, odometers and fuel consumption.

Savings: Nationally, on average, up to 14% of commercial fuel is lost to shrinkage. With AVii every drop of fuel will go into your vehicles, or the dispenser simply won’t operate.

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