ALON Brands is Proud to Support the Children’s Disabilities Information Coalition


The CDIC fulfills the mission of making positive improvements in the lives of disabled children.

The Children’s Disabilities Information Coalition (CDIC), located in El Paso, Texas has a mission to “promote partnerships between parents, professionals, and various agencies” in order to “combine resources and find solutions to problems within the community that are affecting children with disabilities1.”

Founded in 1989, the CDIC is made up of generous volunteers, parents, professionals and others who are interested in the well-being of disabled children in their community. This Coalition of people are committed to assisting these special needs children. Their main focus is helping them to reach their “fullest potential” and allowing them to be a valuable to their community. Parents receive education as well to help them learn to be advocates for their children at school and in their community.

The CDIC offers several types of services to those in need. The Coalition provides educational training and information and support to the parents of children with any type of disability from birth to age 25. They also provide one-on-one help with preparing for an Admission, Review and Dismissal meeting with school personnel, help understanding a child’s records and communicating with school personnel about their child’s Individualized Education Program. The CDIC also hosts an annual symposium to help further promote and celebrate their mission of helping the disabled children in their community. Additionally, the CDIC offers workshops that cover topics like parenting a child with special needs and educational rights.

This year, the annual symposium was held on March 9th and marked the 27th time the CDIC gathered its volunteers, parents and professionals. In 2013, the CDIC participated in ALON Brand’s Load The Code contest as a charity deserving of additional support and recognition for all the good work they do in their community. For more information about the CDIC, please visit

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