Alon Brands Charity Highlight: The Opportunity Center for the Homeless

OC Color Logo 10-04-11
In this month’s charity highlight, The Opportunity Center for the Homeless (OC) takes center stage.

Located in El Paso, Texas, the OC is a very special charity serving “the homeless without distinction of race, ethnic origin, language spoken or religious beliefs1.” Uniquely, the OC helps to free those in need from their current situations by giving them the opportunity to move forward, as well as provides protection for those that cannot improve their condition because of emotional or psychological conditions.

The OC maintains two homeless shelters—one for single adult men and one for single adult women. Additionally, the OC has seven residential centers for the elderly, single women, those suffering from mental illnesses, veterans as well as men and women in school/work programs.

Over the past year, the OC has provided 124,000 meals, 102,000 nights of sleep, counseling for over 2,000 men, women and youth and has transitioned over 1,000 people into work, training and school programs1. Additionally, in 2014 alone the OC was able to1:

  • Provide 107,613 nights of housing through all housing programs combined, including 58,279 nights of emergency shelter housing to homeless men and women.
  • Serve 134,036 warm and nutritious meals in emergency shelters.
  • Distribute 13,002 articles of clothing.
  • Help 82 individuals obtain employment.
  • Help 26 individuals get placed in job training programs with help from the on-site job counselor.
  • Help 105 new homeless clients get access to educational programs.
    • 79 attended keyboarding classes
    • 9 attended GED classes
    • 30 attended English classes
    • 5 were placed in higher education
  • Help 324 homeless with access social services including case management and obtain referrals to appropriate services.
  • Help make 331 client visits possible to the on-site psychiatrist through the San Vicente Mental Health Initiative and 38 new clients were assessed.
  • Help 145 clients find stable permanent housing placements with assistance from the Housing Coordinator.
  • Help 27 homeless youth enroll in education programs and 73 enroll in employment services.
  • Provide 12,765 rides to homeless individuals throughout the city in order to attend appointments, appear for job interviews, and arrive at job sites.
  • Provide 4,533 nights of lodging to homeless individuals recovering from substance abuse through the Safe Zone program.

The Opportunity Center for the Homeless is a recognized 501c3-Tax Exempt Organization and depends on donations from individuals and businesses including clothing, hygiene items, food, cleaning supplies and disposable products. The OC also welcomes volunteers from groups and individuals who wish to

donate their time to others in need. This past January, the OC celebrated it’s anniversary—22 years of helping to open the door of opportunity to the homeless and other in need. For more information about The Opportunity Center for the Homeless and how you can make a donation today, please visit


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