Legendary Dallas Cowboy Quarterbacks—Who Is Your Favorite?

ALON_QuarterbackThe Dallas Cowboys have had some of the NFL’s most legendary quarterbacks.

From Don Meredith in the 1960s to Troy Aikman in the late 1990s these exceptional team leaders will be remembered for their exceptionally good talents. Read on to learn more about Dallas’s legendary QBs and you just might learn a little something you didn’t know.

At the very top of the list is Roger Staubach. There is little doubt that Staubach is the best Dallas Cowboys quarterback of all time. Staubach went to the United States Naval Academy and served in the U.S. Navy after winning the 1963 Heisman Trophy. In 1969, after his obligated service time was complete, he joined the Dallas Cowboys where he played for 11 seasons. Staubach led the Cowboys to the Super Bowl five times—four of which he was the starting QB. With his football years quite far behind him, the most famous Dallas Cowboys QB is now the Executive Chairman of JLL Americas, a financial and professional services firm specializing in real estate.

This next Dallas Cowboys quarterback is thought of by many as the best even surpassing Staubach (a debate that sees a generational gap in its arguers). Who is it? Troy Aikman. Aikman played with both the Oklahoma Sooners and UCLA Bruins in college and joined the Cowboys in 1989 as the number one overall pick in that year’s NFL Draft. His career ended a few years early due to the toll of multiple injuries and therefore never went back to the Super Bowl after winning it three times in four seasons with the Cowboys in the mid-1990s. Aikman didn’t venture far from football in his second career. These days, the famous number 8 can be seen as a sports broadcasters analyzing the game he spent a large part of his life playing.

Current Dallas Cowboys player, Tony Romo, is also considered a great quarterback despite not yet leading his team to a Super Bowl. Statistically, Romo is one of the best. He has the third highest career passer ratings in the NFL. If Romo can overcome his injuries and lead his team to the Super Bowl his legacy as a great QB will be secured. But even if he doesn’t, he will go down in history similarly to other greats like Dan Marino and Dan Fouts who never got a ring.

Two other Dallas Cowboys quarterbacks that are at the top of the greatest QB list are Danny White and Don Meredith. Speaking of Dallas QBs that never made it to the Super Bowl, White took over for Roger Staubach, threw for over 20,000 yards in just four seasons before injuries started to plague him. Meredith was the very first Dallas Cowboys quarterback, that’s right, he was with the Cowboys in their very first season in 1960. He earned the starting QB role after his third season and two seasons later, he helped turn the new team into one with very high playoff potential.

Who is your favorite Dallas Cowboys quarterback? Did we name him? If not, find this post on our Facebook page and let us know in the comments!

Is it football season yet?! We’re ready to cheer on the Cowboys!

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