Charity Highlight: The Economic Council Helping Others “Echo” Inc. Foodbank


Empowering families in New Mexico, the Echo Inc. Foodbank currently provides a varied assortment of food programs throughout the northern half of the state.

These serves range from providing USDA Commodity Food Programs and individual emergency assistance to being the go-to foodbank for other not-profit organizations that help feed the hungry and displaced individuals.

Echo Inc. is a 501-c-3 not-for-profit charity located in Farmington, New Mexico. It was incorporated in 1967 and is one of many “Community Action Agencies” (CAAs) that do good works across the state of New Mexico.

“Former Secretary of the NM Human Services Department, Pamela Hyde, very aptly described these types of organizations. “Community Action Agencies work hard in our state to help reduce the impact of poverty and we are proud to serve with them in this effort.  Paramount to their success, I believe, is their ability to accurately assess the needs of each community and then use their flexibility to build a range of services specific to each group of people served, which may include food, affordable housing, pre-schools and assistance with emergencies1.”

In addition to food programs, Echo Inc. also operates a pre-school and latch-key programs for children as well as a workforce housing program in conjunction with Echo Construction and an emergency rent/mortgage financial assistance program.

Taken from, below is a more comprehensive list of the programs and services provided by Echo:

  • Emergency Food Boxes, hygiene kits and infant boxes (EFB) are provided up to 4 times in twelve months for individuals or families in crisis.
  • Agency Surplus Program (ASP) provides both food and non-food items at or below cost to other non-profit feeding programs.
  • Food and Nutrition (FaN) monthly special diet boxes are provided to individuals on specially prescribed diets (such as medically fragile, diabetes, etc.) who cannot qualify for other programs.
  • Fresh Produce Program (FPP) provides fresh produce as available, free of charge to low income individuals, families and other feeding programs.
  • Holiday food boxes & Operation Merry Christmas food boxes are available during holidays in cooperation with other Service providers.
  • Backpack Program (BPP) provides individually packaged, kid-friendly foods in nondescript backpacks to area Elementary School Food Pantries. School personnel determine children at risk for returning home to empty pantries and send the food home with information on assistance to families.
  • Volunteer Program (VIP) provides on the job training to individuals (17 years or older if un-accompanied by an adult); a safe, fun, supportive environment for adults to learn skills prior to re-entering the job market; a variety of tasks for community-minded families and individuals; corporate groups looking for ways to serve the community while they work on team building skills; college and school clubs and classes, scouts; church youth groups and other civic clubs.
  • Community Service Worker Program (CSWP) provides a volunteer job site for youth (17 years or older) and adults who need to satisfy pre-sentencing, court mandated or re-habilitation ordered community service hours.
  • Job Site Programs are provided in cooperation with a number of local job training programs for special needs youth and adults.

In 2014, Echo Inc. was one of several charities that had the opportunity to participate in ALONBrand’s “Load The Code” contest for a chance to win a cash prize that would benefit the charity directly.

For more information about Echo Inc. and the good work they do in their local community or to make a donation please visit



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