Best Halloween Costumes For… Your Car!


Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat… and check out my car’s awesome Halloween costume! How many of you have said that before? Everyone thinks to dress up their kids, themselves, and even their dog for Halloween, but how many think to dress up their car?

Why not?! Especially if you’re driving to a party or going all out decorating your house, a dressed up car would be a fun addition, likely to have everyone talking!

With the haunted holiday right around the corner, we’ve come up with some easy to achieve Halloween costumes for your car with some simple directions below. Some costumes might give others a little spook! And some maybe even a little scare! But all of them are sure to bring a smile to lots of faces this Halloween!

Zombie Apocalypse Car:

The Zombie Apocalypse Car will be sure to turn heads. To achieve this look, you’ll need a long sleeve shirt, a pair of pants, some kind of stuffing like a few small pillows, a hanger and a zombie mask. Simply stuff the pair of pants and shirt with the pillows and use the hanger to attach the zombie mask into the neck of the shirt. Voila! You’ve got yourself a homemade zombie. Now, place the zombie on the top of your car on its “belly”. Secure the zombie by shutting the ends of the pants and the sleeves in the doors.

A Rollin’ Pumpkin Car:

This works well if you happen to have an orange car and even better if you happen to have an orange Volkswagen Beetle! All you’ll need is some car-safe decals or magnets to make a jack-o-lantern face on both sides. If you don’t have an orange car, you can use colored paper to wrap your car up to make it into a pumpkin! Be sure to use an adhesive that is safe for cars and won’t ruin your paint job.

Here Comes the Bride (and Groom) Car:

If you’ve got a pal who wants to dress up their car also, the two of you can purchase some decals and become newlyweds! For the bride, affix some automotive eyelashes to your headlights and a decal of pink (or red if you prefer!) lips to your front bumper. Take a few yards of white tulle and let it hang out of your truck and you’ve got yourself a cheap wedding dress/vail for your car. For the groom, add a mustache and bow tie decal to the front bumper and affix a top hat on top. You’ll be in wedding bliss all the way down the aisle.

Count Dracula Car:

This one is pretty simple but will be sure to give your guests a fright! To achieve this famous vampire’s look, you will need a large black blanket or piece of fabric, some rope and some white felt to make vampire teeth and a white bow tie. You may even be able to find decals for the teeth and bow tie. Lay the black fabric out flat and roll the rope into the blanket at one end several inches until it is secure. Make sure the rope is long enough! Once rolled, secure it to your car by laying the black fabric on the top of your car with the rope going across the top and inside your car while the front doors are open. Tie the rope so your “cape” is now secure. Add the teeth and bow tie to the front and you’re all set!

Dressing your car up for Halloween can be a lot of fun! However, be sure to put safety first. Some car costumes may not be safe to drive with. If you decorate your car, be sure not to drive it if any of the decorations are not very secure. Adding lights to your car may not be a good idea as it might confuse other drivers on the road. Make sure your visibility isn’t blocked and you can still see out of all your mirrors. If you’re not sure if the costume is safe to drive with, err on the side of caution and remove it before you drive away.

If you dress up your car for Halloween this year, we want to see! Snap us a picture and post it on our Facebook page!

Happy Halloween!

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