The Alon Clean Team

Alon Clean Team
We recently asked customers, “If you could create your ideal convenience store, what would be the single most important characteristic?” The results were pretty straight-forward; 88% responded with “clean.”

We know how important cleanliness is to you. It’s important to us as well. So two years ago we created “The Clean Team,” a program each of our ALON stores participate in to raise the level of cleanliness and to provide a better shopping experience for you.

Each store is inspected and scored in several key areas, like the fueling island, restrooms and in the store. Top stores receive cash prizes for their hard work in providing the cleanest experience possible. The grand prize for the cleanest store is a new car awarded to the store manager. We’ve given out 2 cars already and the results have been amazing!

So look for the Clean Team symbol at an ALON near you.

Alon Partnered with USO