Wondering why we made the switch from Alon to Fina? Get all your questions answered in these FAQs.

Something exciting is happening at FINA stations across the Southwest: The FINA sign is coming down and the ALON sign is going up. It’s a new face on your favorite gas, but you’ll see the same friendly faces behind the counter at your favorite stores. We’ll be bringing you even better deals from our partners like 7-11 and others. Also, be sure to check out our fun new Facebook page for monthly games and fun ALON contests.

Why are FINA stores changing their name to ALON?

This change in our name reflects a fresh new approach in our stores. You may have noticed that we’ve been making a lot of improvements in our stores lately – they are cleaner, friendlier and better looking stores. In many cases, stores have been totally remodeled to provide a better shopping experience for you.

When will the FINA stores change to ALON?

Stores are already changing, and will continue to switch through the end of the summer.

How do you pronounce “ALON”?

It’s the same as the “alon” in the word ALONG. As in, “join us as we create a new shopping experience for our customers ALONG THE WAY.”

Can I still use my FINA Card at the ALON stores?

You could, but why? New ALON Credit cards are going to be sent out to every cardholder. New opportunities for rewards are soon to follow with the use of your ALON Card. Come see what’s going on ALONG THE WAY!

What about my FINA Fleet cards?

Same answer as above. New ALON Fleet cards are going to be sent out to every cardholder. The fuel is the same high quality that you are used to, and the stores are just getting better every day. Come see the changes in the new ALON stores!

Are the stores still selling my favorite FINA gas?

YES. ALON USA owns and operates the refineries producing your favorite fuel. Based primarily on crude oil from West Texas, ALON USA produces high quality fuel that meets or exceeds all EPA specifications.

How can I find out more about the changes at my local FINA store?

Check out our new web site at we’ll be having great opportunities to win free gas and other exciting prizes at stores near you. Join us on Facebook, or become a fan on our mobile text VIP Club to receive more new offers each week.

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