Top 5 car shows in the USA

Do you love cars? Classic or futuristic? New or remodeled? Well maybe you should attend a car show! Car shows are the best way for you to enjoy both classic cars, and new cars that haven’t even hit the market yet. There is something for every car lover to enjoy and these top 5 car shows in the USA!


Dallas Cowboys Breast Cancer Awareness Game

The purpose of Breast Cancer Awareness Month is to help those affected by breast cancer by early detection, education, and support. You may notice the pink ribbon, or even the Dallas Cowboys playing with pink shoes or gloves in order to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


Charity Highlight: West Texas Food Bank

The West Texas Food Bank has a special place in our heart for a few reasons, but a huge part is their amazing efforts to distribute food to hungry children, families, and senior citizens within the West Texas community.